The Baltimore County Informer aims to provide equal coverage of all major political candidates who are running for office in the Baltimore County area. For our very first interview, Mr. Clint Spellman, Jr. spoke to us about his Congressional bid for Maryland’s District 2.

Clint Spellman, Jr. is an account executive and this is his first time entering a political race, when he officially filed in May 2023. He has experience helping those in disadvantaged financial positions. In Congress, he plans on continuing to assist the ones who need it the most for the betterment of society. He joined the Congressional race because he believes former President Donald Trump made the United States/Congress go backwards. “What we have in Congress is a clown show. Nothing is getting done except social media bickering. The American people’s needs are going unanswered.”

Mr. Spellman says that he is “an ideas person” and he would like to see many of his ideas executed at the federal level. The ideas involve basic needs that he feels aren’t being met for constituents in Congressional District 2. A 10-week “From Poverty to Profession” career and blue collar trade skills training/certification program is one such idea that would be beneficial to many adults who find themselves to be chronically unemployed and underemployed. Ignoring those who were incarcerated, grew up in low income areas or the homeless cannot continue, according to Spellman. “The best citizen is a productive citizen.”

Clint understands first hand what it’s like to be caught in the wave of an economic recession. He experienced the personal, professional and financial stress that it brings to an individual and/or their family over a decade ago. The importance of providing a safety net for when times get tough–but not government dependence–is where he principally stands. “Americans should not be one paycheck away from homelessness.” Spellman also supports increasing the federal minimum wage to $21.85.

Born and raised in Northwest Baltimore City and a Baltimore County resident since 1988, abortion rights, automobile insurance relief, gun control and garnishment reform are other issues that Spellman plans to address in Washington, D.C.

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