At the risk of being blacklisted on various social media outlets, this article is being published.

Last Friday, on January 12, 2024, a Congressional hearing was held. The topic at hand was injuries and deaths, that were possibly caused by mRNA based vaccinations.

“I’ve never prescribed so many blood thinners in my career” (video timecode: 33:33)

For those not familiar with this narrative–one that big pharmaceutical sponsored media outlets won’t touch with a ten foot pole–this will be an eye opening video. Cancer and heart doctors are the main stars of the hearing. They do not hold back on their disclosures. From “rubber band” textured blood clots to liver damage, neurologic harm and immune system disorders, the video linked above is a must-watch for all Maryland residents!

Early on during the “non-organic, full-of-GMOs” (my marketing terms, not theirs) COVID-19 vaccine’s initial rollout, red flags were abundant. Women in particular were reporting very strange changes in their menstrual cycles. The Twitter/X thread below was so popular, the original author Dr. Kate Clancy disabled the replies years after it was posted.

A warning was issued back in August 2020 that using new vaccination technology would be a big health gamble. Unfortunately, the people in charge–people like Governor Larry Hogan and County Executive John Olszewski, Jr.–failed to heed many doctors and scientists’ warnings.

I and a couple other Maryland residents personally warned Maryland legislators in March 2021 about health concerns related to the COVID-19 mRNA countermeasures products.

Not a single lawmaker or their assistants followed up with me about them. They had my contact information on file…crickets.

Countless United States citizens have been injured and their pleas for help to the government are being ignored. This wouldn’t be the first time a medicinal product has been pulled from the market, but for suspected financial reasons, large modern media outlets (ones who can afford to install/operate/maintain those big satellite dishes on their properties) are refusing to share important information with the general public. Is there any wonder why Americans’ trust in media reached a new historic low this past autumn?

About 20 minutes into the hearing’s video recording, Congresswoman Greene gets the discussion going about the differences between conventional vaccines and MRNA based ones. A topic I’ve never seen talked about here in Baltimore County. One that should have been fully disclosed, but wasn’t. This technology is now when trialed for different applications outside of the SARS-2 coronavirus and it’s important to be brutally honest about its possible effects on the human body. Cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders are worth exploring, correct?

Not according to the Maryland Department of Health. Time and time again I have reached out to them on social media and crickets are audible in response. Why are the individuals who work for the local and state level Departments of Health unwilling to speak publicly about potential mRNA injection side effects? What are they trying to hide from the public? Why did they allow investigational/experimental drugs to be mandated by public and private sector leaders?

Vaccine hesitancy is a concern that healthcare providers have in regard to warning people of possible side effects. That’s no excuse for not giving people fully informed consent…which by the way is part of federal emergency use authorization laws. If you’ve seen prescription drug and vaccine ads on TV, you have heard the long list of potential side effects. You did not hear about the potential side effects of COVID-19 vaccines until recently, when Moderna commercials began airing. Nearly three years after the roll outs began. And they still aren’t fully disclosing all of the side effects.

One of the biggest takeaways from the hearing is that there is no “Off switch” for mRNA based vaccines. It appears that the body continually produces something called a foreign spike protein and in many cases the body’s immune system will continually fight itself. This leads to a weakened immune system among other health problems. Problems that were previously known well before the year 2020. Problems that the government and big media outlets didn’t want to inform the public about. I would label that, information disclosure hesitancy. What exactly are they afraid of…is telling the truth illegal?

There are also very serious concerns about blood donations from COVID-19 vaccinated individuals being contaminated with the spike protein and being passed on via blood transfusions, sex, breast feeding, etc. to people who chose to not be vaccinated. Organizations like the Safe Blood Donation Association have sprung up in response, but have received very little mainstream media attention.

If health officials are unwilling to ask questions, then it’s up to our elected officials to raise these concerns during the 2024 Annapolis session. If I have to drive down to our State Capitol and raise hell (peacefully, in case the Maryland State Police are reading this), I am going to do it and capture the lobbying on-camera for the historical record. The silence is well past deafening and this issue will NOT go ignored for the third year in a row.

When will the Baltimore County Department of Health have an open public townhall style forum about these very real concerns? When will we put our political viewpoints aside and figuratively put an electron quality microscope on what has happened to hundreds of millions of people during the past three years?